NameOisin van Gelderen
HomespotSkerriesVirtual Earth

Weight82 kg
Weight Class81-90
Height183 cm
Age classMaster (36-50)youtubeTwitter
Member sinceWednesday, October 8, 2008
Sessions posted52
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DateMonday, February 4, 2013
SpotWest Kirby, United KingdomShows Spot in Virtual Earth
BoardJP Speed 45 Pro Edition, 2010
SailNeilpryde RS Racing EVO 2 5.5, 2009
FinCustom K4fins / Moo Custom Assy 20
GPS typeNavi GT-31

Average speed41.62 knots ( 42.55 41.89 41.47 41.43 40.76 )Shows Runs in Virtual Earth
Max. 2 sec.43.54 knots
100 m run43.12 knots
250 m run42.46 knots
500 m run41.38 knots
Nautical mile18.73 knots
1 hour6.4 knots
Alpha racing15.57 knots
Distance40 km
Windspeed30 - 0 knots
Wind directionW ( 270)


Cracking day in West Kirby. 

Not fully broad, but great to be out, and see so many friendly faces having fun.

Tried lots of kit, and finally nice to meet MvM in person after all this time.


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