NameSamuel Malfroid
HomespotSafety Bay, WAVirtual Earth
SailnumberAUS 766

Weight80 kg
Weight Class71-80
Height176 cm
Age classMaster (36-50)HomepageFacebook
Member sinceSaturday, December 1, 2007
Sessions posted77
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DateWednesday, January 23, 2013
SpotBOO_Bays, AustraliaShows Spot in Virtual Earth
BoardMistral Speed 63, 2013
SailNeilpryde RS Racing EVO 2 5.5, 2009
FinVector Fins Delta 21
GPS typeNavi GT-11

Average speed38.27 knots ( 38.27 38.27 38.27 38.27 38.27 )Shows Runs in Virtual Earth
Max. 2 sec.40.25 knots
100 m run0 knots
250 m run0 knots
500 m run0 knots
Nautical mile17.23 knots
1 hour8.48 knots
Alpha racing0 knots
Distance28 km
Windspeed20 - 25 knots
Wind directionS ( 0)


Shark Bay - BOO_Bays 20-25knts as good as it gets !!! At last after all the sessions I done here I finally got it, nice and solid with a 40.62 on the screen.. Absolute fantastic session with 1.30h window before the tide went up. 6.30 wake up, on the spot at 8, at 9 was 16-18 knts  wrong direction tide going down, then I asked the gods to help me to get there and in return I will....tell you later.


Setup 5.5 and said to myself this or nothing, setup Misty 47, 10.00 tide still going down, wind picked to 20-25knts up and swang... OMFG gaaaame is on... put away the 47 and got Misty 41 out... took off at 10.30, the way up was hard (5,5 has a wider clue that the 5.8 RS make it back hand a lot) but maaaan on run it was powerfull where you need it giving the bridge between the 2 sligshots (people that knows the spot will understand) where I got the fastest on the second shot. Very very happy after all the hard work..


After a very conservative NM back to the car, I was very happy to made it save in one piece, and no stacks!! Mission Accomplished. Tomorrow a lite sail, and check of spot number2..

Misty41, E2_5.5 (what I needed to get there!) , Delta23 sawn off to 21,5 Wink

ps: Awesome Captain on the PBs I am glad it all worked out for you too Cool. Could be some more PBs I recon with the Perth forcast!! Look like Aussie land is doing good with wind

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