NameMark Hayford
HomespotWest KirbyVirtual Earth
CountryUnited Kingdom

Weight101 kg
Weight Class101-110
Height194 cm
Age classGrand Master (51-60)HomepageFacebookyoutube
Member sinceThursday, January 4, 2007
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DateThursday, June 28, 2007
SpotWest Kirby, United Kingdom
BoardStarboard Formula 159, 2005
SailNorth Sails Warp F2004 9.0, 2005
FinC3 Echo 67
GPS typeGarmin Geko 201

Average speed29.2 knots ( 30.5 29.5 29.2 28.5 28.3 )
Max. 2 sec.31.3 knots
100 m run30.3 knots
250 m run29.7 knots
500 m run29 knots
Nautical mile20.1 knots
1 hour12.2 knots
Distance50 km
Windspeed10 - 22 knots

RemarksIts been a long time since I'v ticked all the right boxes. I'v been waiting for months for a good formula day to move up the formula ranks. This morning, the WSW wind did not look to good, had to pump like a demon to get the SB F159 and 9m Warp going. I was using a 70cm fin. By lunch time it started to fill in. I switched to a 67cm fin and used max downhaul. There was only 3 off us out, and we where all on 9m sails. Had loads of 28 knot runs, so I knew it was going to be a good formula session. At around 2ish the wind seemed to pick up again and the water was dead flat, So I plugged in a 58cm fin, This is when I saw 30 odd knots on the dial. I'v had 32knots on the clock last year, so I know the F159 can go faster, but I was'nt using this site then so its not logged. I'v just worked it out and I think I'm 3rd in the Formula rankings, Wow, I well chuffed. Looking for 1st before the end of the year.

In order to get good speeds on formula, it has to happen in low to mid 20 knots. Small slalom kit starts to work well in these winds. At times today, I could have been on something much smaller. To get higher in the Formula rankings would mean missing a good slalom board session, hmmmm.

Absolutly brilliant day.

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