NameHerman Maes
HomespotOosterschelde - OesterdamVirtual Earth

Weight91 kg
Weight Class91-100
Height191 cm
Age classSenior (19-35)HomepageFacebookBlogpicasayoutubeTwitter
Member sinceSaturday, October 23, 2004
Sessions posted183
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  Session information
DateThursday, June 12, 2008
SpotGrevelingenmeer - Grevelingendam, Netherlands
BoardStarboard Futura 111, 2008
SailGun Sails Mega XR 7.4, 2007
FinStarboard Freeslalom Swift 38
GPS typeNavi GT-11

Average speed29.2 knots ( 30.02 29.75 29.21 28.62 28.4 )
Max. 2 sec.30.51 knots
100 m run30.02 knots
250 m run29.27 knots
500 m run0 knots
Nautical mile0 knots
1 hour0 knots
Distance14 km
Windspeed0 - 0 knots

RemarksOne word: Super!

After 2,5 month recovering (due to a broken hand) it was the perfect session to try back some surfing. The whole day rain, but when I arrived at 17h. at the G-dam the sun was coming out.

Nice windy, nice direction to get some gps PR's,.... Perfect session!
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Platinum Supporter
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