NameC-G Storm
HomespotRoxen LakeVirtual Earth

Weight75 kg
Weight Class71-80
Height179 cm
Age classMaster (36-50)
Member sinceFriday, May 27, 2005
Sessions posted14
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DateSunday, August 16, 2009
SpotRoxen Black River Mouth, Sweden
BoardRRD Anders Bringdal AB+ prototype , 2000
SailNorth Sails Ram F8 5.8, 2008
FinSelect Elite S05 28
GPS typeNavi GT-11

Average speed30.9 knots ( 31.88 31.52 31.05 30.11 29.93 )
Max. 2 sec.33.47 knots
100 m run32.6 knots
250 m run30.73 knots
500 m run29.02 knots
Nautical mile19.98 knots
1 hour9.88 knots
Alpha racing18.22 knots
Distance29 km
Windspeed25 - 28 knots

RemarksBack into speedsurfing again. I had some nice runs in both directions. Sailing together with Gustav, Oscar and Peter.
This day proved that Roxen can be a good speed spot.
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Platinum Supporter
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