NameCraig Spottiswood
HomespotMelbourne, Ricketts PointVirtual Earth
Sponsor(s)Ka Sails, RPS, Flying Objects

Weight111 kg
Weight Class111-150
Height197 cm
Age classMaster (36-50)HomepageFacebookyoutube
Member sinceMonday, October 31, 2005
Sessions posted43
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Speed Typespeed_10sec
Record Speed47.59 knotsDownload track
Record Witness 1Andrew Daff
Record Witness 2Chris Lockwood
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DateSunday, July 10, 2011
SpotSandy Point, Victoria, AustraliaShows Spot in Virtual Earth
BoardCarbon Art Speed board 44, 2007
SailKA Sails Koncept 5.0, 2008
FinKA-Fin Lockwood<>McDougall Assy 21
GPS typeNavi GT-31

Average speed47.12 knots ( 47.75 47.29 47.15 46.92 46.5 )Shows Runs in Virtual Earth
Max. 2 sec.48.39 knots
100 m run48.23 knots
250 m run47.64 knots
500 m run45.95 knots
Nautical mile0 knots
1 hour0 knots
Alpha racing0 knots
Distance27 km
Windspeed30 - 40 knots
Wind directionSW ( 270)


Corrected data from both GT31s' posted above.

Some good conditions today for those to PB some good averages It was windier earlier in the session and a bit up and down towards the end, but the tide did co-operate and produce some great flat long runs. Rigged the 2011 Koncept 5.0 for the second time with Ka21 fin, the sail worked really well last big session and was looking forward to using it again.

First shake down run started real slow ending up in the channel unable to waterstart as I drifted down the towards the east bank. Finally a gust and able to to get going and have a solid safety run with a 47.6 peak, 46.9 10sec sail was feeling sweet with heaps of controllable power.

Second run peaking at 48.4 with 47.7 10sec confirmed it could be a good session. Third a 48 pk 47.110 sec, Fourth 47.8 pk 46.4 10sec. Took till the 8th run to get a 5th contender for the 5x10 as the wind was starting to back off, so I fitted the Ka23 with its damaged leading edge from runing aground at Rye earlier in the year and got a 48.1 pk 47.1 10sec.

Witnessed Peter's crash from what looked like an unrecoverable spinout, was clear he had broken his nose with plenty of blood showering my goggles as he recouped on the bank before walking back and heading off to hospital, get well!!

Slowie was pushing his R&D once again to bring us more speed to the sport, this can be a sacrifice when the conditions are good, but he redeemed some good numbers in the end with some changes in the closing tide.

Expect to see some PBs from the team, good work guys, the conditions amazed with sunshine at times which is rare when your doing 48 knots at Sandy Pt..



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