NameJoseph Presti

Weight90 kg
Weight Class81-90
Height180 cm
Age classGrand Master (51-60)
Member sinceMonday, January 24, 2005
Sessions posted41
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DateSunday, December 18, 2011
SpotAmigo's Shark Bay, AustraliaShows Spot in Virtual Earth
BoardNude Streaker 46, 2010
SailGaastra Vapor 5.5, 2009
FinC3 Venom 26
GPS typeNavi GT-11

Average speed38.5 knots ( 38.5 38.5 38.5 38.5 38.5 )Shows Runs in Virtual Earth
Max. 2 sec.39.23 knots
100 m run0 knots
250 m run0 knots
500 m run0 knots
Nautical mile19.27 knots
1 hour11.32 knots
Alpha racing6.71 knots
Distance65 km
Windspeed0 - 0 knots
Wind directionN ( 0)


Amigo's Shark bay, Fantastic day, almost perfect conditions, and as usual I rigged wrongYell, I rigged my 5.5m Gaastra Vapor and was underpowerd the whole day, The Nude 46 was sensational, and the ss23.5 perfect.  Crsasher was on fire over 40 runs, with 40knots on the dial.  It was so easy, almost feels unfair to get a 5x10pb that easily.  I needed to have rigged bigger obviously.  Wind was a true 20 to 30knots, not the bullshit 20 tyo 30 knt forecast ya get in Mandurah.  Learnt heaps, need to rig bigger for the downwind runs, and maybe get a 21 slingshot after seeing what crasher did. 5 hours sailing totally knackered and a 90 minute boat trip back in horremdous seas.

edit: added the A, NM, Kms

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