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  About fanatic falcon 90lt 2005
3/21/2009 1:48:12 PMAngelos Gkagkaris

I would like to ask your opinion about the 2005 90lt falcon. I am 90kg rider, surfing usually in choppy conditions with winds around 18-28knots and want to use it with 6.3-7.0 freerace sails.What fin size is best for these sails?
 Thank you
3/21/2009 2:00:38 PMAdam Gustafsson

The Board is a total dream to sail. I've still got mine and it's probably still my most used board.
I reckon the real sweet spot with the board is a 7m and 32cm fin.

Here are my results from a nice day sailing it. (Wind 18-23 knots and gusty with Small chop)
It's a true gem to ride and great in the jybe

3/21/2009 2:37:59 PMAngelos Gkagkaris

Cheers Adam

 very impressive!!! Masttruck position with the 7.0?
3/21/2009 5:41:48 PMAdam Gustafsson

About Centre, just a little bit back if it's flat. A bit forward if choppy. The track itself is relatively short
3/21/2009 10:35:50 PMIan Richards

Hi, I use  this board with  6.7 and 7.2 rs racings, 32cm falcon for well powered 6.7 and 34cm
goldwing with the 7.2. I have tried 28,30& 36cm fins but these are not so good. I am roughly the same weight as you. I think the board feels big for 90L and works well in lighter winds also.
3/22/2009 8:36:39 AMAngelos Gkagkaris

Hi Ian
 how did you feel it in choppy conditions? Is it really sensitive in back foot presure?
3/22/2009 8:59:09 AMIan Richards

Hi, board deals with small chop very well, heavy chop not so good . I think the board is sensitive to
back foot pressure , I had some spin out problems when using Naish /Gaastra sails, but with NP it seems ok.
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