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  Seriously...Whats the most wind you have sailed in?
6/17/2009 10:48:56 PMAdam Gustafsson

Jan 11th 2007...

West Kirby

40-55 knots on the Ano... All day...

Couldn't hook in or make it down the course properly

A couple of mates there on the day were making it look easy

Blimey I'd love to give it another go!!! It's been too long
6/18/2009 9:19:26 AMHoward Rowson

Windy ol' day that mate, I spent it sat on the wall filming you lot - good times.

18th of Jan 07 was probably the windiest WK has seen for many a year.
I have video footage of the 18th Mar 07, probably as windy as the 11th Jan, 45-50kts+. Al Cross attempted to get going but got blown off with a 5m Stealth,  Windy J managed 40kts on his wave board with a 3.9m NP Core.

For me probably not much more than 40, certainly during the GPS Speedscene revo.  Back in the late 80's we had some big seshies on 13" needles with sub 4m speedsails (Gaastra Speedfoils) winds probably gusting over 50, although a little difficult to quantify at those speeds. Typically the water smoking over 45's.

Had one failed attempt back then, WK a complete white out,  dead square,  super flat and 60-70 knots, full on Hurricane Force 12, I dug myself into the rocks on the windward side of the wall to take some pics, I had to crawl back down the wall to the car park, if I would have shown anything to the wind I would have been blown into the lake.

bring it on!
6/18/2009 10:48:30 AMSteve Thorp

18th Jan pics...


Definitely my windiest day, big respect to MVM!
6/18/2009 11:15:48 AMMartin Waldron

Steve, your Leg photos are fairly sick man, I was flicking around through your sailing pics and bang my breakfast landed on my desk.
6/18/2009 12:21:07 PMTony Wynhoven

Hi All,
We had a big day in the late '80's at the Sandy Point High Wind Carnival. Blew 50-60 knots all day with peaks of 63. Power was out in the town and trees down eveywhere.  Mal Wright and I were on 3.9 Gaastra Speedfoils and Jason Polakow on a 2.9 wave. Pre race briefing warned of it being too risky to launch the rescue boat so if there was a crash ( and there was!!) we had to just let our kit go and try get to shore. Helmets compulsory and organisers picked the 10 people allowed to sail for the session . From memory, Mal did a 41.?? (i think the fastest ever for the time) and I was high 39's. Jason did 38. I think we were on 39 cm speed polyester boards... Sails were the old tight leech variety and it was a tight angle. Pretty sure Daffy has video and I have some Pics somewhere..... 
 Not too sure what would happen if we had a day like that again??
cheers Tony
6/18/2009 2:10:42 PMHoward Rowson

West Kirby - The big storm of '87

The good old days - 13" needles , full face helmets, and huge wipeouts circa 1988

6/18/2009 2:18:19 PMHoward Rowson

So windy a complete white-out ...... not sure whats happened to the pics?????
6/18/2009 7:37:31 PMHennie Bredenkamp

December 1997, Luderitz second Lagoon. 3.5 wavesail and 8'6'' Sailboards Maui Waveboard. I could harldy hook in out in the chop but had some pretty sweet gybes on the inside against the bank. Later that day we measured 67 knots at Diaz point. Rocks the size of the last joint on your thumb were crashing into the car windscreen.

Also got blown out at the same spot on the way up to the Walvis bay speedweek in 2006. Got some video trying to hold down a 4.6 stealth in a measured 51 knots.  I have to admit i was pretty rubbish in those conditions.

Howard. Those pics of West Kirby looks sick man. How much damage can you do in those conditions on the current equipment.
6/18/2009 10:02:26 PMMike Pacey


I think I was there with Mike Shaw and Nick Luget ? the lake was covered in spin drift the next time I experienced it was at Fuerteventura PBA event the guys at the Pro Centre were using 3m sails we were using 5.2 and 5.5 on the speed course

How things have changed 11 13 15 18 inch boards we tried every thing  Happy Days

6/18/2009 11:10:18 PMGraham Clegg

18/1/07 had to be one of the windiest days.
What ever happened to Nick Luget?
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