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  Fleetwood this Friday 19th June
6/18/2009 10:47:37 AMPaul Burgess

Wind looking good this Friday, low tide at Fleetwood at 15.12 . I've never sailed there myself, so would only make thew trip if other speedies where going . If anybodies up for a session can they either post on here on email me at paulburgess@arrowefarmtreecare.co.uk cheers Paul
6/18/2009 1:58:39 PMSteve Thorp

A bit too uncertain to take a day off work and drive all the way for me I reckon. Be good if you could check it out for us though!
I'm very keen to go Roa on the next SWerly mind, looks a much better propositon than Kirby.
6/19/2009 8:56:17 PMSteve Thorp

Did you go Paul?
I went to the ressy, powered up on the 5.6. Guess Fleetwood would've been good..
6/19/2009 9:23:51 PMPaul Burgess

Yes me and Pete C went .Not a patch on WK , water quite choppy, also grounded fin on mussel bed, so didn't sail that close to sand banks after that. Not really fully powered  up on my 5.8, would have gone faster with 6.4. Would probably work better in an easterly as the east bank is longer and steeper so less chance of grounding. 
6/19/2009 9:46:25 PMPaul Burgess

automatic upload not working, also gt31 playing up only recorded 8 minutes of data . we sailed for about 3 hours .
-> http://www.gps-speedsurfing.com/gpsresults.asp

Doppler speed, no interpolation, cubic spline integration (10, 20s)
min. speed.: 8knots, max. accel.: 3.0m/s^2, max. HDoP: 5, min. sats: 5

total length: 4.6km, duration  8  min
best 10s runs:
 1: 29.273knots 54.213km/h  [150.6m 10.000s]
 2: 27.101knots 50.191km/h  [139.4m 10.000s]
 3: 26.053knots 48.250km/h  [134.0m 10.000s]
 4: 20.525knots 38.013km/h  [105.6m 10.000s]
 5: 20.137knots 37.294km/h  [103.6m 10.000s]

average: 24.618knots 45.592km/h

best other runs:
max. speed: 30.790knots 57.023km/h
  100m:   29.867 knots 55.314km/h  [107.6m 7.000s]
  250m:   27.899 knots 51.669km/h  [258.3m 18.000s]
  500m:   26.011 knots 48.172km/h  [508.5m 38.000s]
 1852m:    4.770 knots  8.834km/h  [1859.9m 758.000s]
    2s:  30.765 knots 56.977km/h  [31.7m 2.000s]
   20s:  27.483 knots 50.899km/h  [282.8m 20.000s]
 alpha 500m: 10.130 knots 18.761km/h
6/19/2009 11:00:32 PMPeter Crook

Same here - GT31 automatic upload not working for me.

A bit too much north westerly to get up to the top speed strip easily and very chpooy on the way up.

The google earth overlay of the track shows the considerable upwind distance to get there.

The speed strip is the top left of the picture at :

6/20/2009 1:03:08 AMSteve Thorp

Blimey that is a long way out.
Sounds like you had a good reckie anyway, so not that great then..
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