GPSResults V6.10
6/19/2009 9:59:13 AMManfred Fuchs

There is a new update for GPSResults available on http://www.gps-speed.com/download_e.html. A nice new feature is the overlay of the fastest runs for comparison (e.g. if you changed fins during a session).

The number of overlaid runs is determined by the number of rows in the Results-section, in the following example the 5 fastest 10s runs are shown together with their finish times and average speeds in different colors:

Treatment of invalid points for the 1, 12h, and Alpha categories is improved. Alpha return radius (50m) can be modified in the Filter-settings for test purposes.
6/19/2009 5:32:13 PMHoward Rowson

Thanks Manfred, great feature indeed.

When I adjust the number of rows in the results section from 50 (default) to 5, GPS Results crashes whilst re-calculating the results/ This occurs when I hit the down arrow repeatedly until 5 is displayed. If I wait and let the program re-calc the speeds before reducing the row number by 5 ie. 45 wait 40 wait 35 wait...... etc all is ok no crash.

best regards
6/20/2009 9:42:54 AMManfred Fuchs

Hi Howard, thanks for the feedback! I could reproduce your findings and will try to fix it with the next release...
Forgot to mention that the Alpha-proximity radius can be displayed. When switching to the Alpha- categories, the HDoP checkbox changes to '50m' or whatever is specified in the Filter-settings and the radius around the start-point of the selected run is shown:
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