Last Weekend at Kirby
11/28/2011 12:35:50 PMStephen Squirrell

I finally made it to West Kirby at last and my wife Mag and I enjoyed three goods days  and loved the place,people and the scenery :) as for the sailing not the best for me on a shortboard and my 40 kt ave is still missing - I bottled out on Sunday after crashing out on my first run and hitting my head on the wall :( thank goodness for my helmut :) but really enjoyed three sessions on my raceboard - sad I know and managed to beat all my pb,s with a 31+ max and a 29 ave and 500 m and still not good enough to beat Bob C :( next time !!!

I was wondering if anyone has got any pics of the weekend ??? I would love to see them :)

Please email squirrell4@talktalk.net or find me on Facebook :)

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