12/13/2011 3:36:03 PMMartyn Ogier

What is the GPS world record based on.

I did think it was your best 10 second run but when looking at Craigs stats the world record time doesn't show up in his 5 best 10 second times.

Also are National records the same.

Regards Martyn

12/13/2011 7:20:57 PMDarren Mathers

see here Martyn under the record rules pdf file on the page http://www.gps-speedsurfing.com/default.aspx?mnu=item&item=RecordRules

12/14/2011 12:53:18 PMRoger van Tongeren

We take the best 10sec from the record session based on the calculation of the 10sec from 2 GPS.

There is also a deduction for the error margin which then becomes the Claimed Speed!

12/14/2011 5:31:53 PMMartyn Ogier

Thanks Roger that clears it up.

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