"LOST" - Neil Pryde RS:Racing EVO V - 6.4m
2/5/2013 8:40:30 AMMichael George

TNT have lost my 6.4m Evo V and have no idea where it has been for the last week. The other 3 boxes in the same shipment all arrived 10 days ago (Sat 26th January).

If the sail should turn up on eBay or any other website then please let me know using mike (a) k888.me.uk or +44 7791 369400.

If you can mention it to your local shop then please do that also as it may turn up that way.

It's unlikely to be photographed rigged so it'll either be in the box, bag or just unrolled.

2/5/2013 2:55:11 PMMichael George

It turned up back at Pryde Group UK today.
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