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1Tom Hammerton32.8733.8835.3830.616.94
2Tom Hammerton32.8334.1535.2600

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  Jun 7 2009 - Spreckelsville, Maui Hawaii United States
6/8/2009 9:32:03 PMTom Hammerton

First speed session of the summer. After a very long period of no wind I was not quite ready for it! Wind was very up and down. Spent a lot of time waiting for wind. When it finnally filled in properly the tide was too high. Turned out to be a very rough session with no swell so the chop was rolling right over the reef. Amazing the difference the water conditions make. I was going faster with less wind in the early part of the session. When the wind came up so did the chop and that was the end of it.

On a positive note, despite the rough conditions I had no crashes and blew only one inside gybe!
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