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#NaamAvgRun2 sec500Alpha
1Minos Efstathiadis34.2434.9736.325.8822.97Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
2Manolis Kapnisakis32.8433.4534.7126.2822.23Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
3Michalis Simos31.5433.0234.0826.8921.48Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
4Stephanos Grapsas28.7329.8430.7726.5518.26Shows Spot in Virtual Earth

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  Apr 25 2011 - Drepano - Greece
4/25/2011 5:49:30 PMManolis Kapnisakis

Arkuda Ballarina!

4/25/2011 6:01:29 PMMinos Efstathiadis

Drepano with NE wind, super day. Gigadas & Manolis just getting faster & faster!

4/25/2011 6:39:24 PMMichalis Simos

alpha racing... will try harder next time

landed a glorious half forward loop    ( aka catapult )...luckily no casualties smiley


4/25/2011 9:19:33 PMStephanos Grapsas

Poly vari to arni

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