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#NaamAvgRun2 sec500Alpha
1Minos Efstathiadis32.2832.9534.1429.1722.26Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
2Doxis Milidakis28.9229.9930.4726.0119.79Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
3Stephanos Grapsas28.4229.4629.8424.5218.74Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
4Thodoros Kritikos27.7429.4729.7725.0715.17Shows Spot in Virtual Earth

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  May 5 2011 - Drepano - Greece
5/5/2011 5:01:11 PMMinos Efstathiadis

Rain and gusts made it too short...

5/5/2011 5:35:20 PMStephanos Grapsas

At the end it was rain and gaast

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