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1Tim Otte37.5438.0439.5131.7920.56Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
2Tim Otte37.5438.0439.5131.7920.56Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
3Vladan Desnica37.4738.8640.632.5524.64Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
4Johan Huitema36.0636.5440.0929.7611.42Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
5Gunther Michalka31.4231.8732.6927.9318.99Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
6Gunther Michalka30.3831.0232.3726.2816.7Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
7Urska Desnica29.6530.5332.5324.3817.93Shows Spot in Virtual Earth

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  Aug 19 2011 - Karpathos - Greece
8/19/2011 5:01:14 PMTim Otte

hard, but nice day at Karpathos' Devils Bay. Started early in the morning and sailed thê whole day trying to make the 40 appearing on my display. Unfortunately it didn't happened ;( 

 However, managed a couple of good runs over 39 and also improved significantly my Average PB. Hope the winds stay until tomorrow..... as it increased troughout the day today, finally 6.2 was too much.

8/19/2011 5:17:23 PMTim Otte

2nd Post for German Speed King 2011.

Can anybody advise how it is possible to post a session for two events at the same time, without uploading it twice ? Any advise highly welcome

8/19/2011 8:39:34 PMJohan Huitema

Session 67

8/19/2011 8:42:42 PMRob de Jong

Mooie tijden Johan !!! Improving by the day !

9/3/2011 4:06:50 PMGunther Michalka

First try

9/3/2011 4:09:06 PMGunther Michalka

First try

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