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1Jurjen van der Noord48.448.6450.5147.913.44Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
2Hans Kreisel47.1148.8349.8845.316.83Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
3Jacques van der Hout45.8146.0749.943.750Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
4Dirk Jan Knol45.5347.1149.1142.568.47Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
5Wouter de Vries43.9544.4349.237.760Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
6Dylan de Jong42.4743.2745.3341.057.51Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
7Gerlof Hansma41.9543.2244.3442.4912.9Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
8David Van der Veken41.7642.4744.6234.072.69Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
9Ferdinand Rikkers40.7841.3542.6537.684.92Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
10Marco Hermes39.5540.3743.1833.1210.78Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
11Anton J. Geesink38.1838.7240.3230.80Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
12Benjamin Verdin34.5843.2644.9334.036.05Shows Spot in Virtual Earth
13Manfred Malcorps23.5343.845.436.573.03Shows Spot in Virtual Earth

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  Jun 8 2012 - Oosterland The Brace - Netherlands
6/8/2012 9:28:22 PMDylan de Jong

not my day. in the tirth run I got cramp in my right leg and I could not get rid of it.

BUT, congrats to Hans, Jurjen and Dirk Jan who did a perfect job:

- Hans 90.5 10sec run

- Jurjen 89.high average

- Dirk Jan PR big time

So the ranking will change today!!!


6/8/2012 9:40:13 PMMarie-Paule Geldhof


 not believable

but real

6/8/2012 9:49:35 PMBernard Gijzen

congrats all s LL  AKALLKS

6/8/2012 10:01:11 PMWilko Kronemeijer
6/8/2012 10:02:22 PMWilko Kronemeijer

New WR? congrats. amazing speeds.


6/8/2012 10:06:30 PMHenrik Mård

amazing ..... congrats too you all.:)

6/8/2012 10:32:00 PMHans Kreisel

Hopefully the world record run i like!!!!!! Blew my muscles in the beginning really stupid sailed to long lines upwind. Only made 10 runs but still really stoked peaked 50 again life is good. Respect to Jurjen not only for the speed but also for endurance. Lets see who gets 90kmh average first. A shame Jacq made a early crash he was flying in the beginning with less consitions Greetz Blue Steal!!!!
6/8/2012 10:43:22 PMJacques van der Hout

First big congratulations to Jurjen with fastest 5x10 seconds ever posted and Hans with his fastest 10 seconds run for the official World Record.

I was the first on the water together with Jurjen. After 5 runs i had this average and Jurjen was 2 km slower in each run. I made a stupid crash in run number 6 just in front of the camera of Angelo. That's the good news for the Ghost of Speed footage. Broke my mast and was not able to compete anymore. After this Jurjen and Hans made runs of 90km/h and only thing i could do was watch them, this is very sad. The Brace delivered world records and this is very good to know. We don't need Sandy Point and Luderitz....no excuses anymore.


6/8/2012 10:44:59 PMWouter de Vries

Very exhausting session, but super stoked to get 50.35 knots or 93.24 km/h on the GPS!!!!

Congratulations to everybody with a new PR!

6/8/2012 10:46:35 PMJohan Huitema

Jurjen, fantastisch!!!! Gefeliciteerd!!!

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