For sale: iSonic 50, Gaastra Sails and a couple of masts
2/7/2013 1:59:30 PMNic Dodd

With the arrival of a lovely quiver of Ka Koncepts and a new speed board I have the following for sale: 2007 iSonic 50 in good condition with bag and stock Drake 26 fin - £350 2008 Gaastra Vapor 6.0, good condition - £200 2008 Gaastra Vapor 6.7, v well used and rather tatty! - £100 2008 Gaastra GTX 7.5, well used but plenty of life left - £165 Gaastra 75% 430 RDM mast - £200 Tushingham 80% 460 SDM mast - £165 Open to reasonable offers! If interested drop me an email at nicdodd at btinternet dot com for photographs or to meet up to take a look. Nic
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